Q: How long will my order take to deliver?

A: We aim to dispatch orders within 24-hours using 1st Class post.
In the UK this usually means within 1-2 days.
Deliveries to mainland Europe are always sent via Airmail and usually take no more than 3-5 days.
Deliveries to the USA & RoW are also sent via Airmail and should take no more than 6-10 days.

Q: Do your prices include VAT?

A: Our UK + EU prices do include VAT. However, your receipt will show 0.00% VAT.
A: Our non UK + EU prices do not include VAT. Your receipt will show 0.00% VAT.

Q: Why doesn't the CTI WebStore have a phone number?

A: At one time we did have a contact phone number but CTI is a small company run almost solely by Sadie (and helped by Cosey and Chris themselves when they have the time). However, we found the number of calls relating to general queries (as opposed to orders) was too time-consuming and affected how well we could keep up with the mail order side of the business.
You can leave a voice message on the number below, but we cannot (do not) reply by telephone, only by email or fax. (+44) 01553617800

Q: I cannot find the CD I want in your catalogue or on your website?

A: The majority of CDs we release are limited to a few thousand copies.
Therefore when a CD goes 'out of stock' it is effectively deleted from our current CD catalogue. Basically "when they're gone... they're gone!".
However, it may be that a CD deleted here is still available at our distributor (Cargo UK) or there may be copies left in some record stores.
NOTE: all our releases are also available in download format,
even when the CD edition has been deleted.

Q: Do you sell CDs to wholesale distributors?

A: Yes we do, please contact Sadie: [email protected]