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Liam dunbar word count. There are so many fics about bad boy derek and nerd stiles but what about bad boy stiles and nerd derek.

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Everything around him.

Bottom stiles top derek. I dont have some magic recipe shit or something for him. Yn is dating stiles and is a badass vampire hunter but also fights other supernatural creatures if he needs to and her weapon of choice. It gives the whole place a sort of depressed and haunted feel but well stiles is here for a job so he ignores it and slams the door on his old jeep trying not to acknowledge how decrepit it looks right beside the guys sleek black camaro and makes his way.

Liam is sexually frustrated at school and becomes protective over you. An archive of our own a project of the organization for transformative works. As stiles struggles with the lesson the witches want him to learn he knows its only a matter of time until the truth comes out.

Not gonna lie i really enjoyed writing this. I want a fic where derek is quickly lured in by stiles everything but doesnt let it show plays hard to get unlike every other teen in bhs and thats what gets stiles even more interested than he already was. Stiles pulls up in front of a big old house where the back half is still looking charred and burnt.

Call boys need love too. Requested isaac gets jealous when derek flirts with the reader and it leads to other things warnings not for young children with innocent minds. Strong t but not technically smut tho i was mixing the ingredients in the large plastic bowl to form a thick cookie dough but it was so tough nothing was working.

Sexual frustration sexual frustration boy. I want a fic where stiles will show up out of nowhere leaning against. Badass girlfriend stiles stilinski not my gif request.

Its late at night when stiles spots the diner off of the side of the road makes an illegal u turn to actually get there and does a horrible parking job right outside the front window. An archive of our own a project of the organization for transformative works. When stiles mouths off to the wrong set of witches he finds himself unable to control his tongue around a certain alpha werewolf.

He just has to wait it out like the rest of wolves do derek shouted and i groaned twisting awkwardly on his couch and facing the back of it cupping myself through my shorts and palming my once again hard cock.

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