Can You Stain Cedar Fence

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Many homeowners find the process of staining intimidating here are a few thoughts on choosing the best fence stain brand for a. When selecting a stain for cedar.

How To Stain A Cedar Fence

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This is from a wonderful site that cuts cedar wood where i purchase my wood.

Can you stain cedar fence. The stain does a great job of penetrating the wood and it tends to keep its color. If you can paint then you are more than qualified for staining a cedar fence but it is best to first understand the proper ways to prep for your project. How to stain a cedar fence.

A lot of times multiple woods are employed in creating a fence and it can cause non uniformity of colour but with a proper stain the problem can be fixed in minutes. You can even the tone of wood in seconds. No matter which paint or sealer product you are leaning towards using working with seasoned older cedar wood and siding it is imperative to remove all the old flaking paint or if stained removing all the old dried top layer of wood off by power washing.

The only way is teak oil or stain. Staining a new fence can help preserve its look and once an older fence has been cleaned stain can help bring back its natural beauty. Stains range from transparent to solid opaques in many varieties of color.

Using a sprayer to stain a fence is a lot faster than staining it with a brush or roller. The number of coats all depends on how well you prep the wood surface to begin and the quality of teak oil you use. Staining a cedar fence when you decide to stain your cedar fence you naturally want a stain that will let your fence look its best require as little maintenance as possible and give you a color that you can live with.

When painting or staining seasoned cedar. But over time and without proper maintenance this natural glow will take on an unattractive weathered gray appearance. It will last for about two years.

Choose the right fence stain. If you plan to use the same brand when you have to reapply the stain then again you can get away with simply cleaning your fence and re staining it. Stain the cedar fence with a spraying machine.

Start spraying at the top of your fence and work your way down moving the sprayer vertically to apply stain along the wood grain. For example you can get rid of the reddish tint of mahogany by staining it with walnut coloured stain.

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