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A scf corresponds to 1 cubic foot of gas at 60 0f 156 0c and 1473 psia while a nm 3 corresponds to 1 cubic meter of gas at 150c at 101325 kpa. 1 scfm 1 cfm using the online calculator for metric conversions.

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When selecting a heater for tank heating application you must first determine whether the application requires that the temperature be maintained or if the temperature needs to be raised.

Cfm to scfm conversion calculator. It is related to the mass flow rate of the gas by a multiplicative constant which depends only on the molecular weight of the gas. Standard cubic feet per minute scfm is the molar flow rate of a gas corrected to standardized conditions of temperature and pressure thus representing a fixed number of moles of gas regardless of composition and actual flow conditions. Converting from scfm to cfm is done by dividing the scfm by the ratio of the actual pressure and atmospheric pressure multiplied by the ratio of standard room temperature and the actual temperature.

Scfm standard cubic feet per minute. Measured specifically in dry air units of mass pounds. The standard and normal indicate that these units are not strict volumes of gas that are flowing but quantities of gas.

An authorized national elite distributor for the smc corporation of america. It is common to rate compressed air consumption in standard cubic feet per minute scfm. The scfm standard cubic feet per minute determines the weight of air to fixed or standard conditions.

Clicking the calculate button without input will load the example below. Cfm is actual cfm the density varies with pressure temperature and moisture content. We couldnt find a conversion between scfm and cfm do a quick conversion.

Enter the air velocity or volume airflow and the duct area then select the appropriate units. Scfm to cfm calculator scfm standard cubic feet per minute actual temperature enter actual inlet temperature entering the blower in degrees fahrenheit actual pressure enter actual inlet pressure in psia include any inlet losses you anticipate barometric pressure enter site barometric pressure in psia this will be dependent on elevation relative humidity enter relative humidity. Use this when the entered airflow is obtained from charts tables or equations representing or derived from standard air conditions typically 700f dry air at sea level.

Scfm is standard cfm density 0075 lbdaft3.

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