How To Divide A Circle Into 5 Equal Parts Without A Protractor

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A circle encloses 360 degrees of an arc so for this exercise you need to create a pie with three equal 1200 angles at the center. Get the circumof the circlethats mark a point and measure all the way round back to the original pointget a calculatortake the size you get and divide it by 360 then press multiply twice and whatever degree youwantie x x 90 then 180270 and back to start point 3600 that will give you 4 sections and thats that.

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To divide the circle into n equal parts you will need a protractor for this and possibly a calculator.

How to divide a circle into 5 equal parts without a protractor. From that point you draw a line at 90 to the radiusdiameter crossing both edges of the circle and those two points are 120 apart. Thanks in advance and find homework. The first step to dividing the circle is cutting it directly in half.

3 from the center of the circle draw a line segment out towards each of those marks. Divide this by 5 and you have 72 degrees. There are 360 degrees all the way around the circle so the angle at the centre for each piece must be one fifth of 360 degrees.

Choose a point anywhere along the circle and draw a line through the center of the circle to the opposite end. Oldnfo beat me to it. I am an artist not a math person.

Make 4 more marks at 72 144 216 and 288 degrees. Question from kathy a parent. This of course divides your circle in half.

I4 the diameter is half the radius so i went half way between the center of the circle and one edge of it. 2 make a mark on the circle at 0 degrees. The circle is now divided into two equal pieces.

How do you divide a circle into 5 equal parts using a protractor. You now how 5 equal parts of a circle. Use your straightedge ruler or protractor to draw a diameter or line through the middle of the circle that reaches both edges.

Hi kathy cut it into sectors like you were cutting a pie. Draw a line through the center of the circle. Mark the point where the divisions.

1 use the protractor a semi circle to create a full circle. Get an answer for how do i divide a circle into 7 parts using a compass and without a protractor. Initially divide the circle into sixths above.

I can do 234612.

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