How To Install A Carriage Bolt

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The square shank of the bolt will not fit into the hole. Carriage bolts have a square shoulder resting below a smooth domed head.

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Joe truini when joining pieces of wood together using a carriage bolt the square head on the bolt can become stripped in the hole making them hard to tighten.

How to install a carriage bolt. This provides the hold to a keep the bolt in place during assembly and b to keep the bolt from turning while using a wrench or socket to tighten the nut from the end of the bolt. Tools you need to install. To hold the carriage bolt in place you need a square hole sized to match the square shoulder of the carriage bolt.

Drill the hole just large enough to let the threaded end of bolt pass through. How to join wood with carriage bolts by. Secure a drill bit matching the measurement of the carriage bolt into the chuck.

Use a metal file to make the opening square and the same size as the square shank of the bolt. The domed head eliminates snag points on the installed fastener and the square shoulder holds the carriage bolt in place while you tighten the connection. Slide the threaded end of the.

Stops carriage bolt from spinning when tighten. How to install carriage bolts step 1. The washer will help to distribute the force you are about to put onto the nut to pull the bolt into the wood.

Mister bill the michigan tutor shows tips and tricks on how to install carriage bolts. Drill a hole through the material with the secured drill bit. When you use carriage bolts with metal drill the same size hole as you would for wood.

The idea with carriage bolts is that you pound them in with a hammer so that the square part under the head of the bolt is forced down into the tight hole in the wood. Place the washer on the rear side of the bolt followed by the nut. Insert carriage bolts into metal wood plastic and brick.

This will not only protect the wood on the back side but also keep the bolt from digging into it and getting stuck. Measure one side of a carriage bolt with a tape measure.

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