How To Silver Solder Cast Iron

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And would it fill the crack or is it too thick to fill. How to solder cast iron step 1.

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I think its cast ironnot positiveand no idea what kind of cast iron.

How to silver solder cast iron. Put on heat resistant gloves and safety glasses and heat the fluxed cast. I figured id try to repair my broken no 7 since it is pretty much shot anyway but i couldnt get the silver solder to flow. Use the propane torch to heat the cast iron pieces.

I fluxed it up and aligned the fresh surfaces to key back into each other and tried to flow some hh easyflow into the joint. It seemed like nothing wicked in and no fillet developed on the joint. Would silver solder be good enough and strong enough to fix this.

Paint both pieces with a thin layer of liquid flux to prevent oxidation and improve. Do not directly heat the solder. Anyone know if you can silver solder cast iron.

Silver soldering can be used on cast iron. Heating shot peening or chemical cleaners are possible methods of surface preparation. Anyone know if it is possible.

The presence of carbon in the form of graphic can make proper bonding difficult. How to solder cast iron. And if so is there a particular kind that is best for cast iron.

Either my flux is bad or i cant get enough heat with my small propane torch or it just cant be done. I have had only one try at silver soldering cast iron it was a casting for a tailstock handle that had the ball snapped off the handle by shock. Clean both cast iron pieces with an isopropyl solvent and a rag to remove grease and oil.

Direct the tip of the flames blue cone toward the metal pieces and move the iron around the area surrounding the seam until the solder changes color and fills the seam. The main obstacle to silver soldering cast iron is carbon on the surface of the material. Soldering cast iron first off i havent tried thisbut in my 1910 dykes encyclopedia on soldering cast iron they advise to v out the crack then take a copper rod and rub it on the crack many times until you can see copper on the cast iron then heat the part up add flux and solder the crack upit might work.

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