Is Chinese Elm Good Firewood

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It has that hollow like dry wood ring when dropped on concrete. Parvifolia elm is commonly known as chinese or lacebark elm medium sized firewood.

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Should i for sure get a cat stove if i burn elm.

Is chinese elm good firewood. Doesnt make enough btu for all the trouble cutting and splitting it. Just curious how chinese elm burns. Have someone look at it that knows trees and they can tell you.

Like the american elm it is tough to split and it takes a long time in the season. Just got done cutting and splitting some dead elm. The wood is heavy produces decent heat and overall is not to bad to use.

Elm is what i have found the most of. Its possible especially if you work around the edges with a sharp splitting axe. Is elm wood a good wood to burn in a wood stove.

Dec 6 2012 9. Like the american elm it is tough to split and it takes a long time in the season. Charliesbugs well known member supporter messages.

Someone told me they have a lot of creosote problems with elm in a non cat stove. If this is a red elm it will make good burning woodbut if is a chinese elm which are not native it is not the best. Chinese elm or any elm i cut out of the pasture goes straight to the brush pile.

If you plan on splitting elm by hand good luck. I have too much locust and hedge to mess with elm. If you have access to a wood splitter splitting elm is not that hardjust dont attempt to split a crotch.

Chestnuts only good they say if for long its laid away. Beech wood fires are bright and clear if the logs are kept a year.

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