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This was a pic from during the ice storm here in ky. The tree has little holes from the base all the way to the top.

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It is a valued wood.

Pecan tree wood value. In general wood from faster growing trees with wider spaced growth rings tends to be harder heavier and stronger than wood from slower growing trees that have rings which are closer together. Native pecan trees in stands are called pecan groves. First determine the purpose of the specific tree.

I have a 200 year old pecan tree in my yard and i want to cut it down. So large pecan trees are rare as wood available. Seedling pecan trees result when a female flower on a known tree is fertilized by pollen from an unknown tree to produce a nut that then germinates.

Pecan belongs to the class of deciduous trees known as hardwoods which are used for floors furniture and cabinets. Is it worth anything to a sawmill. Thought id post a picture of the pecan tree in my back yard.

Raw pecan lumber has a variegated color that darkens over time. Grafted pecan trees are those created by melding wood from a desirable pecan tree to a rootstock of another tree. The strength characteristics of pecan are somewhat influenced by the spacing of its growth rings.

Check around before cutting you may ruin it if you cut it yourself they perfer to cut trees so they get the most possible. Been debating its age for a while. In 1792 william bartram reported in his botanical book travels a nut tree juglans exalata that some botanists today argue was the american pecan tree but others argue was hickory carya ovata.

The spaniards took the pecan into europe asia and africa beginning in the 16th century. Answered by a verified landscaper. Have noooo idea how tall it is.

Pecan trees are valued for their shade and appearance fire wood lumber and nut production. I have pecan tree. Of these this publication addresses the value of pecan trees for nut production.

Just a hypothetical since were on the subject of trees logs and values today. Because most trees are kept for the nuts. Its 13 in circumference at the narrowest part of the trunk within reach.

Factors affecting value to assess the value of a pecan tree several factors should be considered. What is the value of a mature pecan tree. To help fill this information gap several agricultural consultants at the noble research institute created a pecan valuation fact sheet entitled assessing the value of pecan trees.

The holes are all over the tree the holes looks like wood peckers holes. If anyone has any guesses as to the age. This question comes up often in oklahoma and texas and can arise for several reasons.

How much is a pecan tree worth. Pecan trees are native to the united states and writing.

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