Pre Catalyzed Lacquer Paint

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Is precatalyzed lacquer the same as a catalyzed lacquer. Lacquer thinner remains the vehicle for pre cat but the resins vary from.

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I pour out any paint left in my spray gun back into the can and then run lacquer thinner through it.

Pre catalyzed lacquer paint. Instead of curing by the evaporation of a solvent only they also cure chemically. Impart a rich non fading color to wood metal and other surfaces with this fast drying automotive type finish with valspar lacquer spray paint. Most paint used on automobiles are catalyzed paints but catalyzed paints have several other uses.

Pre catalyzed has the catalyst added at the factory where with post catalyzed you add the catalyst at the time of. It retains the best qualities of traditional lacquer but provides a harder surface that better resists abrasion thanks to a catalyst think of two part epoxy that initiates a chemical reaction as the finish dries. Both have a limited shelf life as a result.

I pour out any paint left in my spray gun back into the can and then run lacquer thinner through it. After catalyzation it provides 6 months pot life as a precat lacquer. There are basically two types of catalyzed lacquer.

Sher wood catalyzed lacquer precat is a fast drying high performance catalyzed lacquer for the general wood finishing market. If you love lacquer but wish it was more durable take a look at pre catalyzed pre cat lacquer. Catalyzed lacquers further shifted the definition of lacquer.

Catalyzed paint is usually available only in spray form although catalyzed primers and sealants may come in other forms. Back interior paint coatings interior paint primers wood stains sealers clear topcoats concrete masonry products protective concrete coatings waterproofers. Lacquer thinner is what you need to clean up and thin pre catalyzed lacquer.

Catalyzed paint unlike most other types of paint contains a hardener that allows it to cure and dry more quickly. A catalyzed lacquer is a coating that dries by evaporation acting very much like a straight lacquer defined above with no chemical curing or crosslinking and then cures by the reaction initiated by the catalyst. Catalyzed lacquers consist of both pre and post catalyzed versions.

Catalyzed lacquer the technical differences between these two types of lacquers. Ultralaq water white precatalyzed lacquer products are pre catalyzed nitrocellulose clear lacquers designed for the professional woodworkers who demand maximum performance in a high solids self sealing ready to spray finish. The catalyst can be added ahead of time pre catalyzed or in your shop post catalyzed.

Sher wood catalyzed lacquer precat product details.

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