Sargent Block Plane

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Manufactured from 1913 to 1935 the 514 is almost identical in outward appearance. Here is a list of all books and catalogs i have.

Sargent Working By Hand

Rare Crisp Fine Sargent No 707c Auto Set Smooth Plane 84951

Sargent 206 Block Plane I Engraved Hammer And Chisel Engraving

This website has primarily been set up in the hopes of assisting collectors sellers and users in identifying the many types of woodworking planes that were manufactured by sargent company over a 77 year period from 1887 to 1964.

Sargent block plane. Hi and welcome to the sargent planes page. Only the 1409 and 1414 bench planes and the 600 aluminum smooth plane bear their trademark. A type 2 1910 1918 sargent no.

Find great deals on ebay for sargent block plane. Sargent no408 3 smooth plane. Sargent no227 130 double end block plane.

The blade has the oval sargent logo 1902 1909 the lever cap has the turn wheel. Sargent bench plane identification guide the 40054001400 series. 514 low angle block plane was sargents answer to the stanley no.

Like the stanley no. Casey benton mike howell and i have written a sargent 400 bench plane identification guide. I feel that the handle casting and frog are very solid just like my millers falls planes but the adjuster has a lot of slack.

Very scarce exc pic 12995. 3 12 by 9 38 by 1 thick at its largest points. 4306 knuckle joint block plane.

I found this sargent block plane in an antique store for 1080. Fred one of the first planes other than a block plane that i bought was a sargent built 18 fore plane branded as a craftsman. 4307 knuckle joint block plane.

Rare exc pic 17995. I think it is a sargent 107 block plane type 3. Varying amounts of rust will be found on the blades.

Sargent no306 9 12 block plane. Sargent no606 60 12 low angle block plane. It measures about 75 long and the cutter is a bit larger than 1 58 the throat is 175 wide.

Sargent bench plane identification guide the 40054001400 series. Very scarce exc pic 9895. Just when sargent stopped making planes is not known but the author has a sargent made craftsman block plane that is new in the box with a catalog dated 1958 so they were still making planes at that time.

5206 all steel low angle block plane. 4302 rabbet plane block plane bronze cap just like the lie neilson and based on the sargent 507 6 14 long 1 34 wide with a 12 degree bedded blade iron body and 18 thick cutter. 62 this plane features an adjustable mouth and a similar horizontal depth screw adjustment.

The marks on this plane include sargent co us whw walker 14 626.

The Sargent Planes Page Handplanes Manufactured By Sargent Tools

Sargent Transitional Type Study Timetestedtools

The Superior Works Stanley Blood Gore Sargent No 514

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