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The solution was a powered respirator with a blower and filter i could wear perhaps around my waist. So heres a quick review of the dust and fumes that can make our lives miserable in the shop and why we need respirators for pro active protection.

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I suppose its up to you.

Sawdust respirator. Taking this personal protection one step further there are also powered respirators which enclose your entire head and actively pump fresh air inout of the mask. I am getting to the point that i am tired of using those 4 white masks with the cool vent in the front from home depot. Saw dust is one of the hidden dangers of woodworking.

Prolonged exposure can cause a number of illnesses. But i dont know whats important aspects to look for in them. How to pick a respirator for woodworking.

The best dust masks and respirators for woodworking will let you make sawdust without causing your lungs or air passageways to protest. Is it worth it. The most common topic request for safety week was dust and respirators.

When i wore the pro air respirator i found it very difficult to get a pair of goggles to go over my glasses and fit with the respirator on my face. But in this conversation it really is the cadillac of dust masks which means youll pay a cadillac price. The 3m 9211 particulate respirator is a state of the art product as far as comfort and convenience are concerned.

For instance an n95 marking means the wood mask can filter up to 95 percent. These units offer the ultimate in wood dust protection and are well suited for those with extreme wood allergies. I saw some all pu.

The rating granted by the niosh denotes a respirators ability to filter very fine particles. 87 respirators in the wood shop. 3m 53p71 painting mask professional multi purpose paint respirator half mask half face for sprayer gas spray gun organic vapor p95 air purifying dust sawdust mask disposable dual cartridge air purifying large size kit earplugs.

A power respirator has a constant air flow so you stay cool. Today it is widely accepted that commercial woodworkers should wear a respirator around dust producing machines. The niosh marking is one of the first things you should look for when picking the best respirator for woodworking.

I want to look into respirator masks. The msa safety works 817663 is a multi purpose respirator approved for 42cfrs4 regulation as well as p100 filter class. An additional difficulty was my glasses.

The dust created by cutting some exotic species can even cause immediate harm. If you want to take it up another level then a power air respirator is the way to go. Pick up your preferred mask or respirator and add it to your personal protective equipment today so that you can stay focused on your creativity.

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