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I would use blo boiled linseed oilany brand vmp naptha varnish makers painters and an oil base varnish or an oil base polyurethane. It is a bit pricey and it gels in the can fairly quickly if you dont take precautions.

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Tung oil vs tung oil finish.

Tung oil alternative. A little hard to find although exotic woods carries it and theyre in burlington right in your area. Most tung oils sold today are not pure tung oil. Tung oil or china wood oil is a drying oil obtained by pressing the seed from the nut of the tung tree vernicia fordii.

The resulting coating is transparent and plastic like a property exploited in most of its applications which include wood finishing and the composition. Essentially tung oil works by seeping into the wood and hardening which on a floor allows the wood grain itself to take the wear of foot traffic. I do like that soft aged look on most stuff but some things i want to keep the original contrast of the sapp and heart wood.

Tung oil is an excellent alternative to other drying oils such as walnut linseed soy and others. Dont use lemon oil as a finish. Dont let any oil soak for 24 hours unless you want a sticky mess that will have to be resanded and started over.

Some of the reading i had done a while back indicates that soy oil is more a semi drying oil unlike pure tung oil. Teak oil lends a rich color and patina to treated wood and is often used on boats and outdoor furniture. Pure tung oil will have on the label 100 pure tung oil.

Lemon oil is junk for a wood finish. The oils most valuable characteristic is that of water and weather proofing. As a drying oil tung oil hardens dries upon exposure to air.

The tung oil finish will likely not have tung oil but rather soy oil. After the tung oil i sometimes stain but usually just apply several coats of a marine spar varnish usually epathanes. Teak oil and tung oil are not the same thing for starters.

Alternatives to behr tung oil andrew i like waterlox. I think folks believe you are talking fret board not neck. My problem is the yellowing after a year or so.

On top of producing a beautiful and protective finish tung oil is also a popular choice for projects because its versatile easy to use and environmentally friendly. Many manufacturers are keen to market the oriental mystique of tung oil with a product that is easier for the average joe to use and so theyve come up with many varieties of tung oil finish or tung oil varnishthese are largely similar to teak oil in that they usually contain a combination of oil varnish and mineral spirits. There is another option.

Teak oil treated wood can withstand exposure to water sun wind rain and snow much longer than untreated wood. Most have other oils and additives like mineral spirits added that make them more like a wiping varnish than a true oil finish. However straight tung oil is neither as hard nor as solvent resistant as polyurethane.

Its a tung oilvarnish mix.

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